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SAP to end BFC: time to move your consolidation to BPC

As SAP has recently announced the end of the maintenance for BFC, they encourage their customers to migrate their current BFC solution to BPC.

BPC stand for Business Planification and Consolidation. This solution has always been thought to handle the Financial Consolidation process.

However, the Cartesis system, that became later BFC, was so well represented among the companies that it was no time for BPC to take this role.

BFC is technically different from the rest of the SAP systems, it has become obvious for SAP that it was time to move on. 

Also, with more and more clients moving from BPC to SAP Analytics Cloud Planning, there is now room for BPC to embrace the consolidation.

So it is time for you to engage the first scoping studies, and we are here for you!

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Track your depletions to improve your shipments

If your are dealing with wholesalers or agents, the following issue will arise: how to improve your shipments decisions while you can't figure out what is finally really going to the retailers.


Discover the solution we have implement et Moët Hennessy.

Moët Hennessy Africa & Middle-East, which headquarters are based at Cape Town - South Africa, is quite exclusively working with wholesalers in that region.

Selling prestigious products, with limited availibilites, manage the wholesalers stocks, and therefor depletions to retailers, has become a critical need.

However, in a context where the wholesalers are not part of the MH Group, and where they are all very different with variable available mean to report data to MH, it was impossible to impose a unique reporting format to them.

So data was being translated in various formats, with various reporting unit, with cumulated or periodic data... which of course was very messy to follow -  to reformat the data is risky as it also leaves a huge risk of human error.

Solution: with our EOS Report & Plan solution, we have given them the tools they needed to simplify their data and make effective calculations and forecasts around it.

Contact us, if you want to get a clear vision of what is happening with your products.


Explore sports data like never before

We are passionated about two things : data and sport.

We are actively supporting athletes of every level and ambition.

Now, we have decided to make them benefit from our expertise in data analyses.

We are currently working on creating a powerful application that will allow athletes to analyse more efficiently their sports' data.

You can now discover the alpha version as we are showcasing Amy Wakefield and Ariane Lüthi data during the Cape Epic, the "Tour de France" of Moutain biking.

Follow us on Instagram to follow that passionating project!

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